It must be pointed out that there is a danger in simply listing many scriptures from the Bible that one can use in a worship service as has been done in this reference work. The danger is that it is ignoring the context from which those scriptures came from. In many cases the context is universal and there is no danger in using them. However, in other cases particular scriptures come with a very definite historical or situational context.

Therefore, before using any of the scriptures in the NIV Bible that are listed in this reference work in a worship service, you should first determine what the historical and situational context is surrounding those verses. Then only if the context applies to your situation, should you then go ahead and use them in your worship services.

A second note of caution has to do with the fact that the Bible uses many different types of literary styles. It is a note of caution because the literary styles that are used have a great deal to do in determining what the meaning of a selection is from the Bible. Therefore, when using any of the scriptures listed in this reference work, what literary styles are being used should first be determined. Then the knowledge of the literary styles should be used to help determine the passage’s meaning. Then the passage’s meaning should be used to determine how you should use it in your worship services.